Ethereum Review

Ethereum review

Ethereum Review-

This is a financial review, not a technical review.


Ethereum is a decentralized application platform, Anyone who wants to build a cryptocurrency can build in ETH blockchain, It is the biggest Depp platform. It was proposed in back 2013 by Vitalik Buterin. And started between July and August 2014. It uses Ether as its native currency, with that you can transfer value.


VITALIK BUTERIN is the creator of Ethereum, the teme is very focused in what they are doing and they are working continue to make the network faster and efficient. You can check more information about team in there website.


You can build your own cryptocurrency that will run on the eth blockchain, you get a lot of things and applications to make your coin technologically best. There are more than 800+ tokens running on ETH network.


Ethereum currently works on proof-of-work that uses ‘ethash’ algorithm, But it seems like Ethereum will not need miners in future because they have announced that they are shifting from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

For more updates follow there social media pages.

Market History

Ethereum reviewBack in 2016 price of Eth was around 1$ and in year Eth gone extremely crazy and given 130000% returns in one year and went up to around 1400$, and today (12-10-2018) Price of Eth is 196$, And according to me, that is a massive discount.


Ethereum review

As you can see till date there are 40-50 million unique addresses of Ethereum, which makes a great user base.

Pros & Cons


  • Great Team
  • Functionality
  • Per-day traffic
  • Great community
  • Security
  • True Decentralization


  • Transaction Speed
  • First mover disadvantages
  • Proof-of-stake update
Ethereum Price Will Reach $15,000 This Year: Reddit Co-founder

Ethereum is 2nd on market cap, and anything that makes a coin great is ‘TRUST’, it has gained a lof trust from developers and users, and so you can think how it will perform in next bull market.

Overall Review

Ethereum is a great coin and this its here to stay, There are a lot of platforms that are better then Ethereum but its team is also upgrading its platform, in near future I see great returns on Ethereum.

This is a review about how good a coin is to invest, not a review about core technology, As I’ll get requests for technological reviews ill start doing, so if want more information please comment.

This is not a financial advisor, I just wanna give you information about any cryptocurrency in one place and a small review, a review is what I think about coin and not everyone thinks same so let me know about your thoughts on comments.

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