Ripple Review

Ripple Review

Ripple Review-

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Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network created by Ripple Labs Inc, And XRP is a product of ripple that can be used to transfer value. Actually, ripple is centralized cryptocurrency, And if we remember why we need cryptocurrency because its decentralized.

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Brad Garlinghouse is the CEO of ripple, And now I can say that team of ripple is working very hard to make ripple usable for banks.


Ripple’s new product X-Rapid will be launched next month, And X rapid allows swifts payments in seconds, and if this happened we can see ripple going higher than the moon. You can read my previous article about how ripple can go to 580USD after the launch of X-Rapid.


Ripple has great partnerships with a lot of banks and if they used ripple for faster payments then it’s going to change everything for ripple.

Market History


Ripple Review

As you can see the chart of XRP/USD till date, It started in $0.47 and made low of $0.14 and peaked in last year December to around $3.50, It has given a huge profit to early investors so ripple deserves this crash, because not everyone is going to HODL.


Okay here it gets interesting, There are more than 20 banks and a lot of companies, Ripple has partnership with, And when they will start using ripple it will be everywhere.

Untold Story of Ripple-

Circulating supply of ripple is 39,997,634,397 XRP, and its total supply is 99,991,817,275 XRP, It means 60% of all the tokens are held by creators or bank, And that is not an investor wanna here because they can dump anytime on us.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightning Fast Transactions.
  • 3rd rank on coin market cap.
  • Built trust in 4 years.
  • Great Partnerships.
  • Ready for mass adoption.


  • Huge Supply of coins.
  • Only 40% of coins are in circulation.
  • Not decentralized.

If ripple gets all regulatory permissions and it starts used in swift payments then ripples transactions can increase 250X, and that can shoot the price.

Overall Review

Okay, Ripple is a great investment but ill look this as only investment and take profit always, I am not going to HODL because 60% coins are there that can be dumped on us anytime and this can make it a very big bubble.

This is not a financial advisor, This is just my thoughts and not everyone thinks same so let me know about your thoughts on comments.

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